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General Construction

General Construction at Wanda-South African Police Station-Kimberly.

General Construction

Miami Sands – Vanderbijlpark.

Building Construction

Building Construction in INDABA Special School (KZN).

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Our Mission

To deliver strategic service and production level on timeline. To produce excellent, customised services and maintenance solutions. To be a leading strategic brand, both domestically and international. We are committed to bring equal distribution of economic resources to the underprivileged through our beneficiation policies. To contribute positively towards economic and social environment. To promote economic growth within our region, with the purpose of creating employment prospects to the underprivileged communities.

Our Aim

Our personalized services driven approach aims to develop our client relationship to the point where we become an outsourced extension of your company. The essence of our success is flexibility, allowing us to tailor our approach to individual assignments and client circumstances. This creates a climate of understanding, respect and mutual trust between all parties. In this way, we believe that we can assist our client to achieve their business objectives. We also exercise ethical conduct and transparency in all our dealing with our customers, stakeholders and employees.

Our Objectives

To build dedicated team to realize needs of clientele, and earning their respect and trust. To offer economic and trustworthy solutions and services to the industries we serves. To create a strategic partnership with stakeholders in realizing economic of scales and beneficiation via strategic projects. To serve our client with cost effective without compromising quality. To implement best professional practice in our business activities, including social and good governance.

Current Project Reference

Company Name                              : Vaal University of Technology

Services Rendered                         : Plumbing (Replacing of Galvanised pipe to copper pipe Class 2

Project Dates                                   : 09.07.2019—09.07.2020

Contact Person                                : Gareth Tembo – 061 587 4661 – 016 950 9000

                                                Total Value: R5 400  000